​Indoorance Sports

Vandals Fueled By VICTUS!  We are proud to say we are working together with the best bat Manufactur in the Game.  Like Victus, our Vandals program started in Soutthern NJ and continues.  Vandals Baseball Teams are travel baseball teams designed to give advanced players a chance to improve their baseball skills and play in elite travel baseball tournaments locally and nationally. The Vandals have professional instructors to give players the baseball skills and knowledge to make their high school and middle school teams as well as expose players to college scouts for the purpose of playing college baseball.

OUR GOALS are Simple:

1.  Prepare the players to be impact players at their High Schools/Middle Schools & introduce them to the skills & mindset needed to play baseball at a higher level. 

2.  Emphasize and promote:  Self Confidence, Respect, Self Esteem, Sportsmanship,  and enjoyment of the game of baseball

3.  Develop athletes on the fields and Young men off the field.