We are in the business of building better athletes.  We take an extremely individualized approach to training, which means we spend time getting to know who YOU are, how YOUR body moves, and how motivated YOU are to grow both physically and mentally.  One thing we can promise you is that growth is not comfortable, but it IS necessary to live and perform at a higher level.  In order for you to achieve this higher level we combine our knowledge of human biomechanics with traditional methods of strength and conditioning, speed and agility, and olympic lifting.  Our philosophy for physical training is simple:
          LEARN - we teach you about your body and how it moves.
          PREPARE -  we help get your body ready for higher levels of exercise by first optimizing flexibility and stability.
          BUILD - we design an individualized program to achieve higher levels of strength and power.
          PREVENT/PERFORM - The ultimate goal is for you to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to keep yourself healthy
          AND to perform at your highest potential.
Our goal is not just to make great athletes, our goal is to use exercise to teach you how to grow and be a great person.  We will never ask you to be better than anyone else in the room, what we WILL ask of you is to simply be better than YOU were yesterday.  

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